Wow. Eight years ago at the time of re-publishing. Just as appalling now.

Lincoln Stretch

Eighteen months living here in Geezerland and I still have no social life. None. Florida is a verrrryy strange place, but hey, there are worse places to be.

When a friend in Australia suggested I should get a part time job, I took her advice. I applied for a few things half-heartedly, and some with a little interest, but nothing took my fancy.

I should explain that I normally work from home, by myself, which gives you an idea of the isolation factor. My hours are reasonably flexible, but I was looking for something for late afternoon and evening, and weekends.

Craigslist found me the winning job, when I received an email response to an application I had submitted weeks previously.

So, drum-roll please, your humble blogger now has a part-time job as………a limousine driver.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Wombat is on the move as a chauffeur, driving the rich and famous – or just plain drunk – around his steamy Florida town. In three weeks of holding doors and hanging around, I’ve found enough material for a lifetime of blogging, so if nothing else it will be something fun to write about. Lord knows the money’s no reward.

Next time you arrive at an airport, and see the poor sap holding up a sign showing his customer’s name, think of me. In fact my last pick up had me getting all sorts of weird looks.

But then at least I don’t have to go through life being called Mr Rimmer.