Horrors Come to Pass

Written years ago, and yet look at the prescience. Awful. Things are so much worse now in 2016.

Dr Braithwaite and his wife are becoming fixtures in my travels at Harry’s Limousine. He’s a retired physician who flies to Houston for chemotherapy every couple of weeks, proof that cancer is an equal opportunity disease. I drove these charming and urbane folks home last night, passing the time with a good-natured discussion about everything from New Zealand green-lipped mussels to the criminality of Senator Edward Kennedy.

Dr Braithwaite was at Haahhhvahhhd when fat Ted was there, and explained to me that when he was caught cheating in 1951 and tossed out, a donation to the university made it all go away. How surprising.

Waiting for their bags at the carousel, our conversation turned to the TSA. The good Doctor, not normally given to cussing, was hot under the collar at the idiocy of airport checks. Taking toothpaste from sick old white men is keeping us safe, apparently.

He’s right to be angry, because giving authority to people who would otherwise have none is a sure pathway to making them martinets. It’s not the flunkies’ fault though; the fault lies with their bureaucratic masters. Political correctness doesn’t allow the profiling that would actually add to our security. Arab-looking or Muslim men are obviously the greatest threat, but the folks at TSA aren’t allowed to discriminate between a thirty year old Egyptian flying school wash-out and my nice dying doctor.

What this cluster-fuck does is to inconvenience the maximum number of innocent people, and add only marginally to aviation safety. Diversity nuts and lefty PC police, listen up: you will kill us with this idiocy.

Maybe that’s your aim.

Dr B drew the obvious conclusion. If you want a universal healthcare system, run by the federal government, consider the TSA, because that’s what happens when government runs anything.

As PJ O’Rourke wrote, “If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until it’s free.”