The Alley

The whole story.

No Standing
Can you go to Miami tonight? Harry, breathless as ever when there’s a sniff of easy money.

Sure, who’s the customer?

There’s a lady you’re taking to the Ritz-Carlton, just pick her up and drive her there, I’ve already run the credit card. Her boyfriend is paying, he’s really missing her.

Boyfriend? Really?

Just get to the office, I’ll tell you more when you get here.

He really must have been missing her, because Harry charged him $400, a pretty decent innings even when you take out my cut, the gas and the tolls.

Unfortunately, the story isn’t quite as romantic as it appears. The young lady concerned was polite enough when I collected her, and she brought a friend. A very unhappy looking younger friend, I might add, whose own boyfriend was not pleased she was leaving. He gave me the stink eye, to which my response was to give him one of Harry’s cards, breezily telling him that any limousine hire he needed, we wanted the business.

Once under way, Beverly was on the phone. We found out that she:

-> Worked at Cheetahs (a strip joint), but didn’t really like it as much as her old club.

-> Had left her six month-old son to undertake this desperate journey.

-> The ‘boyfriend’ in Miami was some rich dude she’d met whilst stripping.

My guess at her age, confirmed by the driver who brought them back, was that she was 21, and the friend was 20.

I’m never sure of the current PC way to view strippers. Should we laud them for being independent women, living out their dreams, having complete control over their lives and bodies?

Or should we see them as victims of oppressive men, exploited for sex and their sexuality, unable to find decent paid work that an equivalent male would get easily?

Frankly, I couldn’t help but think of her baby. If you’re a father, you know you’ve fucked up when you find out your daughter’s a stripper. If you’re the child of a stripper, what do you think? In any case, the child obviously had no dad, and that is the worst part of the entire tale.

So, yes, I took two strippers to Miami, but it was a lesson in irresponsibility and the frailty of man. No glamour there.