The zombie hand of government inflicts itself on limousine life as in every other sphere. Permits, licences, permissions, fees, petty rules, inspections, validations, registrations and a hundred other make-work irritants eat into everyone’s time and profits.

Here’s yesterday’s example. Snoozing as I waited for my customers to disembark their cruise ship at Port Everglades, I was woken by two (2) dudes tapping on the window. Broward County’s finest were ensuring all the for-hire vehicles sported the correct decal. Given that our outfit operates from the other side of the state, it’s not surprising The Boss figures the $200 plus $15 fee is a bit steep for the four times a year we go there.

Officialdom must have the last word, so I was cited (as pictured). If you’re wondering what supernatural privileges a Port decal gets you…well, it gets you the ability to be a for-hire vehicle at the port. In other words, it gets you the same as not having the bloody thing; nothing. It’s just another revenue-raising obstacle to people making a living.

And although it is a cliché, one does wonder at the county’s allocation of manpower. It’s not like Fort Lauderdale and Miami are free of drugs, gangs, murderers, illegals, child molesters and ponzi-scheme salesmen. Sheesh.