Channeling Costanza


Finicky is a word for it. Environmentally sensitive is a phrase for it. But the bottom line – ahem – is that clean bathrooms are important to me.

After some time driving now, I’ve pinpointed the quality public facilities close to our customers’ regular haunts. Hotels are always a good choice. Starbucks form a decent second-tier. Gas stations run the gamut. Interstate highway rest stops are just nasty.

Ask me about Tampa Airport, and I’ll send you to the Marriott Hotel ballroom facilities. (Very good. I’ve even been known to take a newspaper in there and spend a happy twenty minutes.)
On the way to Miami, there is a very clean Comfort Inn Suites at exit 110. Off I-595, take the Nob Hill exit, go north about two miles, and the facilities at Starbucks on the left are acceptable. But I always feel obliged to buy coffee there, dammit.

Given our weird hours, there is always the possibility that one might be caught short. I nearly found myself behind a bush in a gated golf-course community Sunday morning. You know the feeling, when something from the night before disagreed with the system, and you have to go.


Luckily I applied the mind over matter principle, and avoided the furtive squat behind the herbaceous border. But it almost happened.

The best thing? Knowing I had the forethought to have some TP in the bag. Just in case.