Barometers (or, indeed, thermometers, depending upon your preference) of economic health come in many forms. One of particular note we can call the Doc-o-Meter.
Here on the Sunshine Coast, cosmetic and other elective surgery is big business. Mossbacks from Michigan and Silverhairs from Saskatchewan come here to bring back 1949. Last year one particular eye surgeon (think Lasik, as well as eye-lifts) was almost a daily customer. We were driving him to the airport (so he could attend fine wine or rare car auctions) or chauffeuring his customers, or taking him to dinner while he wooed prospective employees. Busy, busy.

No longer. I don’t think he’s used the limousine service in three months, either for business or personal reasons. My advice would be that if you’re looking for a little work (his practice does pretty much everything) now is the time. Get a quote, and subtract 50%. It’s worth a try.