Importing Driving Skillz

Juan and Betsy.

Apparently the driving rules have changed. I’m wistful that no-one thought to let lots of we road-users know, but oh well. Here’s the basic modification as interpreted by me:

1. On an interstate highway, or other decent multi-lane road, no longer does the convention of “slowest on the right, fastest on the left” apply.*

2. a) If you have a slow-accelerating, slow-stopping vehicle – choose the “old” fast lane.

b) If you are towing anything – an open trailer, an oil tanker, your house – always choose the “old” fast lane.

c) If you are a landscaper, (yes, that’s you, Juan) with a trailer full of untethered shit – always choose the “old” fast lane.

d) If you’re a tradesman quoting jobs on your cellphone and/or you also have untethered ladders, cement mixers, iron bedsteads etc in the bed of your truck – always choose the “old” fast lane.

e) If you have no clue where you’re going – always choose the “old” fast lane.

3. If you’ve rented a U-Haul, and basically encompass all of the above categories – always choose the “old” fast lane.

4. If you’re old, dopey, lost, and in Florida looking for a cheap condo – always choose the “old” fast lane.

Yep, I think that’s the extent of the change.

*reverse for LHS driving countries