To Serve

It goes like this:

Me: Hey boss, what’s up (answering cellphone)

Boss: Hey, Wombat. Got an interesting one for you.

Me: Should I get in the shower?

Boss: Yep. Then call me back.

Me: Okay.

I’m the go-to guy. Being single and childless (although not without family entirely), The Boss sees me as the last minute driver of choice, and I have almost always responded. Flexibility is a virtue, and makes you money.

This job is all about how you approach it. I have found that people respond to you, in more ways than I might have imagined. A smile is the best weapon. A smile, that most simple of expressions, can make the most uptight person melt just a little, creating goodwill all around.

Once you understand the value of a big, goofy, welcoming grin, it can change your life. It’s like being a kid again, because so few people SMILE anymore. Service is perfunctory everywhere…

…have a good day….

…thanks for shopping here…

…we appreciate your custom…

Yes, but your actions don’t match the words. Genuinely being grateful for someone’s business, and showing it, makes being a servant that much easier, and trust me, people do notice.