Part of doing any job is getting into a groove. I’m a slow learner, so it takes me about a year or so to be comfortable doing anything new. Slow, but thorough. Once it’s in my head, it’s there to stay, especially if I have made some mistakes along the way.

Before this driving gig, I barely knew the area around me. The main arteries and the freeways were clear, but the different neighbourhoods were a mystery. Of course that’s the way of things. I would have no reason to know the ins and outs of all the subdivisions around the place (Riverwood Glades etc).

But there’s a quiet pride I take in knowing things now. The really nice parts of town are not where you’d expect them to be, but I can point you there. If I won the lottery, I have a particular house in mind to buy, one that I would not have found before. And the scary parts of town are actually way more scary than I would have thought, given the wealth around the place. Extremes, they exist.

There is a famous test that all London Cabbies have to take, called The Knowledge. I think it would be fun. But it would take me a year to learn. Drat.