Out there, everywhere, are people doing good. They’re often unseen, and almost always unfêted. And that’s a shame, because philanthropy should be celebrated.

Last night I drove for a young married couple, twentyish, I guess, and four of their friends. The Boss took the booking from a third party, a new customer, who was paying for me and the limousine. It wasn’t a huge amount, but it’s unusual for someone to gift hundreds of dollars for something as ephemeral as a night of exclusive transport.

All we knew was that a surprise party had been organized for the wife at a downtown bar, with the limo ride and dinner with friends elsewhere as cover while everyone gathered.

The secret had slipped, however, and she knew about the whole deal. From what I could tell, it was a still a successful night, thanks to someone with the money to spend so unselfishly.

The reason for the gift? They are both joining the army. Yep, the two of them start boot camp next week. Somehow the philanthropist heard about them heading off to serve their country, and decided to make their last night of partying something special.

Brilliant. And thanks to all three.