I imagine some number of entrepreneurs take on the limousine business each year, with the idea of making some good jink. I mean, let’s face it, if you can rent out a stretch at anything from fifty-five to one-hundred and fifty-five dollars an hour, if you get get forty hours a week, well, that’s….quite a lot of money.

And in fact, if that was all you were doing, it would be a pretty decent business. Even when gasoline goes back to previous highs, as a proportion of the costs, it won’t be that big.

Three things kill budding transport moguls: interest on borrowed money, insurance, and bureaucracy. The first two are normal anticipated business costs, but the last one is more insidious.

It seems that every part of government wants some kind of permit, registration fee or licence. In our neck of the woods, operating into Tampa Airport is a must. That means money to Hillsborough County, (a sticker) and also to the airport itself (another sticker). Then there is the Port of Tampa, which requires a fee each year (sticker). If you need access to secondary places, like Sarasota Airport, that’s money to Sarasota County, (sticker) and if you want to use the limousine park at that airport, more money again. (Stops you getting roughed up by the Town and Country boys.) And so on.

Note that these imposts are all cost, and no revenue – the fees come straight from the bottom line, and they amount to hundreds of dollars and tens of hours lost each year. That sucks.

Sometimes being a mere driver is quite okay.