It’s springtime here in the Tropical Midwest. The Snowbirds have flown their southern coops and returned to Michigan and Indiana. I haven’t been to either state, but look forward to doing so. The people from there are all so friendly, they must be good places to visit.

Last night was about as good as it gets for your humble limo driver. A couple from Ohio wanted a ten-passenger for their wedding night. Usually weddings are booked weeks in advance, and they tend to be slightly strained affairs.

This one was different. The couple had their ceremony on the beach, and wanted me only to take them to and from dinner. There was no wedding ‘party’, no angsty wedding ‘planner’ and no hassle with shoes, handbags, makeup, bussles, veils, rings, corsages or drunk mothers-in-law.

Chauffeur bliss.

Driving in to the beach club at which the happy couple were staying, I chatted with the celebrant as she drove out. Jennifer said everything was hunky-dory. The exchange of vows (does anyone use this term still?) had gone perfectly, and she had changed their restaurant booking to somewhere more romantic.

Equipped with champagne, the couple came downstairs. They were thirty-something, and as sweet as could be. I took some photos of them in the car, and drove them around for a while before dinner so they could have their fizzy. I’m a snob in these matters, but you can tell a lot from a person’s choice of champagne. John got it right; Piper-Heidsieck.

Here’s the easy part for me. I drop them at the restaurant, and sneak down the road to get some coffee. I then return to sit outside and read my book. A couple of hours later, the couple return, we drive around for a while, and take them home. It’s perfect, because it’s not a stupidly late night and the only clean up is two champagne glasses and a vacuum.

Plus the very nice cash tip. I could do this every night and not get tired. T’would only it was so.