Over at my What do I tip the driver? lens, Geezer asked me what a good chauffeur should carry.

I rummaged through my work bag, and this is what I found:

~ two bottle openers (crown seal openers, for beer.)

~ three (!) corkscrews, only one of which I recognize as being mine.

~ three white cotton dishcloths for polishing glasses. (I washed them yesterday)

~ paper towel for spills.

~ Band Aids, of which I use an inordinate number, mostly for ladies’ heels.

~ gum and breath mints, because a driver with coffee breath is horrid.

~ two Swiss Army knives, but a Leatherman would be really handy.

~ two spray bottles, one of window cleaner and one all purpose cleaner (I use the green products I sell.)

~ one needle and thread (white cotton). (Never used, but someone said it was a good idea to carry some, especially for weddings.)

~ spare pens and paper, mostly because I am the one losing the pens. Smile.

~ three small bottles of hand sanitizer.

~ one spray bottle of air freshener (Fresh Rain Concentrated Mist, which says it is a wonderful way to enhance your mood…or create the perfect atmosphere. No wonder I’m hooked on this stuff like a drug.)

~ OTC pain pills.

That’s a pretty comprehensive list, now I look at it. The only things to add would be as many different power cords as I could find for phones and computers. (Suggested, quite forcefully, by a customer who had chewed up the batteries on his three phones and two computers.)

Oh, and maps. I have lots of maps, coz GPS sometimes just doesn’t cut it.