More Prom

A. Sorry about the ongoing prom stories, but it’s at an end now. I think last night’s was the last, and probably the best.

Arriving at the pick-up address, the mother of the teenage hostess came out to meet me. (That’s unusual of itself.) She was perfectly charming. We chatted, then I asked her the question:

Have you had the alcohol talk with the children?
I groaned inside when she gave me the these are good kids blarney. When I explained the consequences if I found any one of the sweeties drinking, she came out with the magic words:

Oh, if you have any problems, call me, and I’ll come and string them all up.

I laughed and told her that I now knew there would be no trouble, and that they were guaranteed to be good kids.

And so it eventuated. Very nice tip, too, thank you Debbie.

B. Is it odd that I find myself taking photographs of people taking photographs?