Sweetness and Light

We’re approaching the end of prom season, thank goodness. Last Friday night I was kept busy with the worst behaved bunch yet, which I put down to them having the least responsible parents yet.

When I arrive to collect the spawn of these parents’ loins, I make a point of asking them if they’re aware of our liquor policy. The law is that nobody under twenty-one can imbibe, and if a responsible adult is handy, the blame will likely fall on them. In the case of promsters in a limousine, the responsible adult is me.
Consequently, if one of our drivers finds the kids drinking or in any way intoxicated, we reserve the right to end the run there and then, with the parents still paying for the minimum six hours.
Determining how seriously the adults take this is easy. If they say:

Oh, look, if you see them drinking or doing anything out of line, you call us, and we’ll be right there to kill them. We’ll be backing you up 100%.

…you know eveything will be cool. These parents I like.

But if they say:

Well, they’re good kids. I don’t think they will do anything like that.

…I know there will be problems. And so it turned out.
The quote of the night came from the girl most keen on being a hellion. This she screamed – and I mean really screeched – into her cellphone:

He’s my date, he’ll do what I want him to do!!!

Such a shy retiring flower that young lady.