Chain Awful

From my Yelp!

Criticism is easy when so much material attacks you at a place like Panera. The food is not healthy, it is just another corporate nosebag. From June of 2013.

Yes, it was a Monday morning at 10:00 o’clock. Yes, it was the middle of snowbird season. Yes, the sign on the door said they were looking for staff. But no, this Panera Bread outlet wasn’t up to snuff.

Pretty clearly the biggest problem with this particular store was the lack of people working there. Management was addressing this in at least one way, with the sign seeking help on the door, but I’d say it should be a warning to potential customers: Beware All Ye Who Enter – Possibly No Service or Cleaning Herein.

Actually, it’s not the long lines or haphazard way in which people around me were asked to give their orders that bothered me. (No clear queue existed and operators mysteriously disappeared from the registers at random intervals.) It’s a fast food joint, after all. What was annoying was the state of the place. Frankly, it was like an elementary school lunch room. Tables and chairs were covered in crumbs and coffee rings, the booths had torn seating fabric, and worst of all, the coffee and condiment station was free of milk containers containing milk, while the surface was evenly covered with a slurry of half-and-half and sugar.

I was there for an hour, and this had not been cleaned when I left. In that time I saw not one employee sweep, tidy, wipe or even scan the restaurant.

In fairness, the bathroom was spotless.

So, to summarize; dilapidated facilities; unkempt coffee station; odd, slow service and cleaning; expensive baked goods; middling coffee and free wi-fi.