Perq Up

Somehow, because of a crease in the time-space field, Sarasota found itself with one of the best coffee shops in the galaxy. Miracle.


A long time coming, Perq is a glittering addition to the Sarasota coffee scene. Unfortunately, that’s less of a compliment than it should be, given the mediocre coffee culture hereabouts. The good news is that we now have a truly first-class place that showcases quality coffee.

Hitting you like a stack of Architectural Digests is the gorgeous fit-out. Keith and Erin have clearly thought long and hard about how the perfect coffee shop should look and feel. Not insignificant is that we’re in the sub-tropics, so the climate is a consideration. With that in mind, the high-ceilinged wood-themed open-furnished fit-out is ideal for both seasons – Snowbird and Local. They’ve taken the warehouse look and made it comfortable.

Now for the coffee. Frankly, it’s peerless. As the owners’ blurb explains, the coffee is the star here, with beans from specialist growers and roasters. But beans can only be as good as the treatment they’re given, and that too is first-rate. The Slayer espresso machine is the heart of the operation for my taste, but you will find other techniques employed: Think cutting edge meets simplicity.

For those of us who take our coffee as seriously as a heart attack, this place is like the paddles of life. In a way, it’s almost too good for this town that thrives on thrifty seniors and horrid chains. But I’m hoping Perq is a giant success. I’ll be returning as long as those immaculate flat whites keep coming.