Siesta Java

Back in 2013, Tim Smith and I were on the hunt (still/again) for the perfect Sunday coffee joint. I saw LeLu on Yelp! and figured it was worth a shot.

LeLu and I have fallen out of love a couple of times, but I keep going back. As a sign of my love, as of today I have 71 check-ins. Wow.


At risk of sounding like a hack sociology professor, context is important. Fine dining needs cultural and economic support, so big cities are the places for such a thing. Fine coffee shops, on the other hand should work anywhere, but the way a casual cafe goes about its business can resonate with what’s around it, or not. Success lies in such nuance.

Quite enough with the “resonate” and “nuance” there, prof.

All that’s a long way around of saying that Lelu, Siesta Key Village’s premiere coffee (and more) joint is perfectly adapted to its’ surrounds.

In mid-March, the spring break and snowbird crowds are here in force, determinedly wandering beach and (Ocean) Boulevard. Sun, sand and stuff to boast about when they get home is what they’re after, and if they find an appetite for coffee and a snack, Lelu is waiting.

The context of Lelu is epitomized by the fact that it’s across the breezeway from Gilligan’s, the loud late-night tiki bar with a learner drinker and party animal clientele. Lelu is the sober, morning side of Gilligans, perhaps slightly hungover, but still obviously good-looking. There are surfboards on the ceiling, despite the fact that this is Siesta Key where there is no surf, but it’s the thought that counts.

Funky, fun, enthusiastic service, excellent coffee, good food, and an atmosphere totally in keeping with the Key sums up Lelu.