Eeny, Meany, Donut-Ho

This place baffles me. It’s a domestic-style operation with the tiniest frier you have ever seen making mini-donuts. Then they add sugar and spice.

It’s magic. It’s miniscule. It makes a mountain of money. It’s Meaney’s Mini Donuts on Siesta-bleeding Key.


Overview: Donuts are deep-fried batter. Donut batter is fat, flour and sugar.

Having deep-fried your batter, add more sugar with a glaze or by direct sprinkling.

Carefree about your health? Then go ahead. Fill your deep-fried batter-objects with cream or custard ie: more fat and sugar.

User Tip: Eat donuts whilst they are fresh.

Let’s review: Fat tastes great. Sugar tastes great. Everything deep-fried tastes great.

Is there any way to screw this up?