Eye-talian or Italian?

Co-incidentally, I ate here last night. We had the kale caesar salad and two pizzas. Everything was A-OK, but then how to you mess up such a simple supper?

This, from July 2014.


The difference between eating out and dining out is a kitchen that tastes the pasta to check for done-ness.

The difference between an experience and satisfying a need is that same kitchen informing wait staff of the unavailability of gluten-free pizza dough before service, not after a customer orders.

The difference between wanting to return and searching elsewhere is a sad old tarted-up cheesecake dessert.

And just what in the name of Thor is “Italian-American Soul Food”, their tag-line printed on the pizza boxes? Whatever it is, I left with my soul veering towards applying to join the Mob. Their food at least has a beating heart.