Into the Real World

Tony Brown, Rob Husk and I decided to meet for coffee over the Christmas Holidays. It was…lemme see here…January of 2014. Rob worked with us at SlaveWorld, but happily saw the light and departed for a better life.

St Pete was mid-way for the three of us, and I’d seen good reviews of Kahwa Coffee on Yelp! It was a gorgeous cold Saturday morning. How not to be happy with coffee and a few laughs?

My morning at the 2nd Avenue Kahwa Cafe felt like a blood transfusion…a voluntary transfusion of coffee instead of blood. You get my drift.

Living in Sarasota one becomes accustomed to an energy suitable for Q-Tipped citizens. It’s dozy, comfortable and even smells a bit like old people. Downtown St Pete – and the Kahwa specifically – affirmed my belief that folks aged less than fifty live somewhere in Florida. I always knew they were there; I needed only to cross the Skyway to find them.

Coffee shops/cafes have been around since before Francis Drake kept England safe from invaders under the prior Elizabeth, so the formula isn’t a secret. Great coffee (check), lots of passing people (check), swift, courteous service (check), room to sit and marinate (check) mean the Kahwa folks have it right.

Dear St Pete residents, please accept my congratulations on your vibrant city and its tasty coffee places. I might have to apply for citizenship here.