Take the biggest ocean. Look at the edges. Call that something. Oh, right. Let’s call it the Pacific Rim.

Why didn’t the Greeks do this with the Mediterranean? They sailed the length and breadth of their aquatic back yard, but saw no need to unify it. Ditto Romans. Carthaginians. Moors.

Maybe the ancient peoples of our world lacked a marketing dept. Or PR people. That’s really what they needed, someone to pitch an idea to Socrates or any of the Roman lads. Or Zeus. I understand he had this corner of the universe sewn up, all to himself. He saw no need to unite what were pretty fractious people. At least their rulers were.

So to the Indian Rim. That would be all of eastern Africa, the sub-continent, parts of south-east Asia, and Perth. Perth, Western Australia, not Perth, Scotland, as much as I’m sure they’d like to be somewhere a bit warmer. The Indian Rim makes a deal more sense, but no-one refers to it. As a foodie (sic) agglomeration, it would have few peers. Think Arabic, Afghan, Indian, Thai and all the delicious African wonderments. Plus beer and pies from Australia.

Or the Atlantic Rim. Wouldn’t that be a treat? From Iceland to the Falklands. One big beautiful coastline.