Carousel or Carrousel?

My breakfast companion this morning was a regular at the Carrousel for years when he worked at the B of A across the road. But baby that was years ago, as the song goes. Notwithstanding, he was greeted by name yesterday morning.

Does this qualify the Coffee Carrousel as the Cheers of Sarasota? My mathematics teacher used to say that drawing a line from fewer than two points put you on Euclid’s bad side, a space best avoided. However, this one data point I do have regarding the friendliness of this downtown hidey-hole is a good one.

My fellow Yelp!ers capture the mood here perfectly. Linoleum floors, a diner ambience, home-style cooking and the happy fragrance of non-corporate ownership wrap you in a feel-good breakfast blanket. And for good measure, our two omelets with toast and coffee TOGETHER cost less than fifteen bucks. I recently paid five dollars more than that for a single meal at a place that didn’t want to know my name.

Florida is a breakfast kind of state. I guess that’s because so many folks here are awake early checking the obituaries. With many choices, it’s easy to become jaded, but for the first time in a long time I am happily anticipating a return trip to brekkie place.

Cheers! to that.