How was your day?

Wonderful. I had lunch at my favourite English Tea Rooms.


Yes. I had sausage rolls and Earl Grey. Happy.

I’m sure you were very happy. I don’t mind a bit of forcemeat myself.

And my friend had a meat pie. But they only make four or five of each a day. We convinced her to make a bigger batch on the weekend so we can have them at our party.

They’ll be a hit.

They will. And you know what?


It made me wonder about opening my own Aussie pie shop. All that baking. It’d be fun. And people really love a good meat pie.

Yes, and all that getting up at 4:00 am.

Hmmm. Could I make them the night before and freeze them?

Well, I think if you’re working on using the fresh and quality strategy, offering frozen pies might kill the buzz.

Did you say horsemeat?


Horsemeat. You said you liked horsemeat. In your sausage rolls.

Did I? No. That’s awful.

I’m pretty sure you did.

Oh. No. I said forcemeat.

What’s forcemeat?

The kind of meat that goes into sausage rolls. And sausages.

I need to look that up on Wikipedia.

Go for it. I’d like to know myself. But you didn’t stop me when you thought I’d said horsemeat. Did you think that was acceptable?


No no. I said I didn’t mind a bit of forcemeat myself, but you heard horsemeat and didn’t comment. Therefore, you deem eating equine acceptable.


Yes. Either that or you weren’t listening.

Of course I was listening.

I want to make it clear. I don’t eat pony.


#forcemeat not #horsemeat