It’s Phuh Not Fo

Places like Pho Cali have no need for Yelp!

Owners of restaurants turning their tables three or even four times per lunch service, every lunch service, are too busy cooking and serving to bother with written reviews. All the critics they need are standing in a line at the front door waiting to eat.

Dissection is pointless in the face of appetites with cash.

Pointless and unnecessary. Whether Pho Cali is an authentic Vietnamese experience makes no difference, although it is close to the real deal. The food is sufficiently exotic to wake the most jaded punter, so that if your palate is fatigued by endless bland-o burgers and fried mystery meals, your choices are clear: go Vietnamese, go Indian, go Thai – go anywhere without a ‘grille’. Or ‘American cheese’ for that matter.

Fast food be damned, get Pho-ed.