Did you go to TJ’s?

God. Yes.

Not good?

Hideous. Have you seen the people who shop there?

People like me?

No. The people who shop at the one here.

What’s wrong with them.

They’re gnarly. White-haired hippy women decades past their prime pushing their carts into my achilles. Dreadful people. It’s like shopping with zombies in sandals. And the feet. Why are old people feet that way? Have they no closed-toe footwear?

The people at my TJs are relatively normal. And they have such tasty treats. Their pain au chocolat for a start. The chicken curry. You like that, I know.

You confuse two things here.


The store and the patrons.

But it’s all one experience.

Yes, but the horror of the people overshadows the deliciousness of whatever you buy there. They have the stink of superiority without the fact of it.

Hmmm. Well, you were tired.

Yes. And they were ugly. Never again. I bought the chevre spread by the way.