The baseline for places like Mimi’s should include the following:

+ a welcoming greeting at the hostess/host station

+ regular cleaning of everything from the roof down

+ spotless cutlery

+ a minimum standard of cleanliness and grooming for waitstaff

+ standardized methods and timing for serving plates

+ standardized methods and timing of plate removal

+ training for staff on how to judge if a table is in a hurry or not, or

+ the ability to ask a simple question about that.

Sadly for we paying diners, the managers of this location pay little or no attention to any of these skills. This is odd, because they are all utterly within the scope – and control – of anyone who cares about consistency. Even on the worst days, with the lowest quality employees all present, the low-tide line should still meet some kind of standard.

The shame is that the food here is consistent and well prepared, which tells us that the kitchen does work to a benchmark. Pity that the visible team members vary so much.