I opened the care package.

Awesome. You must be thrilled.

Oh, yeah. The Espresso Martini TimTams look amazing. But the Nutri-Grain is a disappointment.


Well, they’ve changed the formula.

The formula?

You know how they used to be small and compact with a sugary crisp.


Well now they’re big and bloated and bland and not sugary at all.

What happened?

Don’t know. I guess the food Nazis got to them, foisting sugary cereals on an unsuspecting breakfast crowd.

Wow. What were they thinking? Do they have it in for you?

They must have. They taste awful.

Sorry to hear that.

I know. Now I’m disappointed and have a packet of Nutri-Grain that I can’t eat.

What will you do?

Tell the kids that it’s a fabbo Aussie treat and hope they don’t notice.

Fair enough.

But I’m not happy. I wanted Nutri-Grain so badly. I love it.

I know.

They took all the good stuff out. I want crap in my breakfast cereal.