More Thai

Last night I shared a meal at Isan Thai with friends. The prior time there was with the same friends, at a distance we figured to be around twelve months or so. A while.

Expecting magic from the kitchen – as before – we wondered what took us so long to return. Here we had Thai culinary delights available in the neighborhood, and we failed to regularly take advantage. What was wrong with us?

Sadly, the time has worn on matters here. The service remained charmingly sporadic, a forgivable shortcoming if the food is superior. The food was not superior. Last time we immediately noted how delicious everything was. This time we ate without comment, satisfied, but not wowed.

At meal’s end we all looked at each other as if hiding a secret. We were. The spell of Isan Thai was broken. A shame.

Chef Mike

Oooh, I have a fan. This via Yelp! messages:

it’s grueling to watch, you act like you know what you know what you are talking about, here is when it gets real, you talk like a fucking idiot, get a fucking life

What precisely does it mean, Mr Mike, when you say “…here is when it gets real…”?

You have reality nailed, friend, or so it appears, but is your reality the same as mine? Does observation of reality change its nature? Are you a quantum man or a man of Newton?

And if my life is not a reality as you imply, then how can I find it?

So many questions, so few answers.