My Egg

Forewarned is forearmed. An early hint should be taken as the gift it is. When a restaurant’s front door has a notice taped to the inside “Cooks Wanted” the best outcome is not to fight the message. The smart act is to walk. In the other direction.

Perhaps that’s too judgmental. Logic should be our guide, too. If a restaurant has “egg” and “breakfast” in the name are we expecting too much for the eggs to be expertly cooked? Logic doesn’t work that well, apparently.

And popularity should be some kind of quality indicator, right? Lots of patrons normally means something good. Hmmmm. Perhaps not.

My benedict with avocado and bacon was sub-par this morning. The eggs were over-cooked. The bacon was fatty, unevenly cooked and of minute quantity. Instead of English muffin, the base was mini-pancakes. And the hollandaise was somewhere between gloopy and weird.

Many folks apparently think this is all acceptable. My guess is that the bussers were on the line this morning, with predictable results. When a restaurant tells you up front that they have no cook…heed that message. Rely not on logic, popularity or hope. That way lies disappointment.