Never, Ever Enough Coffee Shops

From Pinellas County south, across the mighty Manatee River comes the wagon train of Kahwa Coffee. Sarasota is territory ripe for a higher level of caffeination, so it’s no wonder new settlers are making their way here. This might not be the Oregon Trail but the Skyway Trail will go down in history as one of our lifelines to quality coffee, for which we denizens of this dozy district should be grateful.

The freshest outpost of the Kahwa empire continues their theme of roasting and serving fine to excellent coffee and tasty treats to match. The pared-down semi-industrial space fits nicely with their neighbor across 2nd Street: the Whole Paycheck loading dock. Fear not, it’s actually a neat spot with outdoor seating and a calm interior.

Can we ever have too many top-shelf coffee joints? Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question.