Chateau Los Boldos Cuvée Tradition Chardonnay 2014

Oh Chile, how you are rekindling my urge to travel again.

Firstly, this wine was $10.99.

Secondly, it is a cuvee, which I am taking to mean a blend from several vineyards.

Thirdly, here’s the website.

Up front the wine is straw yellow with green reflections. The nose is restrained with just-ripe fruit and mild acacia honey in evidence…and once she warms up, a vanilla-ish oak strand. Wow, not bad. Not bad at all.

Those elements follow through to the palate, shortly giving way to clear oak flavors and crisp acids. Some sharp green apple comes into view around the bend if you look hard enough.

The finish was surprisingly long and nicely decrescendo.

Next Day: Melon on the nose now, vanilla, and a little oak. The complexity on the palate remains, as does that calm finish. Yet and again Chile has given us a fascinating wine.

$10.99 and a bargain at that.