Chateau Palene Blanc 2015

The difficulty of a wine like that is that the “Bordeaux” name creates expectations. That’s silly because a wine is only as good as the fruit and care given to it, no matter where it comes from. Even Bordeaux must have lesser wines.

That said, this isn’t a bad wine. The key here is refinement and understanding that such indulgence costs money.

On  the nose this wine is generous with citrus and white peach, fulsome in that heady way of sauvignon blanc. That density follows through to the palate, where I noted unripe peach, unripe nectarine and some tart under-ripe pineapple. The surprisingly long finish was mildly grapefruit pith-y and nicely acidic.

I can see why some might call this “flabby”. Insult as that may be, the character if this wine is of a rounded mouthful, which is, I suppose, another way of saying it could lose a few pounds.

Tart, unripe stone fruits, some hints of unripe tropical fruits, a round mouthfeel and long-ish citrus-y finish. Call me crazy, but for $9.99 that doesn’t sound half bad.

Next day: Yep, calmer and rounder with those lime notes nicely muted.