Santa Ana Torrontes 2016 Argentina

For fun drinking under ten dollars I am discovering the curious beauty of South American wines.

Last night I opened a bottle of Santa Ana Torrontes 2016, a grape variety I’d not previously tasted. Being a dopey employee of Total Bait and Switch has some advantages: I paid less than $5.50 for this 750ml bottle with my 30% discount from the retail of $7.49.

I’m drinking the second half of the bottle now, 24 hours after opening, and time in the company of some oxygen has improved a wine that didn’t have any faults beforehand. Light lemon in colour, I expected something along the lines of a sauvignon blanc, perhaps less citrus and apple-y, perhaps less bold.

Wine Folly says this:

Torrontés is an ideal wine to match with Asian and Indian cuisine due to its sweet floral aromas of rose petals and flavors of white peach and lemon zest. The wine smells sweet, but is usually made in a dry style and the best Torrontés wines come from the high elevation vineyards in Salta, Argentina.

Yep. I don’t know that that she smells sweet, but I note richly floral notes. There are hints of unripe white peach and lily, with the merest shadow of a penumbra of geranium…so all is as it should be. As she warmed up, rose petals showed up, a wonder of complexity in such an inexpensive bottle.

A sip continued the theme, with a medium alcohol and acidity mouthful tasting of peach fuzz and the white fruits. A short finish, clean and crisp. As a someone else wrote, it has the mouthfeel of an unoaked chardonnay.

Dry, interesting, great with food, delicious alone. All for less than ten bucks.