Dr Heidemanns Blitz Reisling 2015

Mmmm, more Rhine deliciousness here. Ripe nectarine and apricot on the nose, aligned with blossomy florals make one think that summer days on a mighty Germanic river are all ripe stone fruits and leafy trees.

Perhaps they are.

Slight minerality on the palate and those yellow peach meat and juicy acids give this glass of wine a more-ish feel, to make sure the next sip was as good as the last.

Interestingly this isn’t as sweet as the QbA; not as outright plush with elbow-juicy fruits, but in some respects that’s a good difference. A little more of that tang is just about the right amount.

Some tasting notes hint at pear and green apple, but for the moment I don’t find that. Perhaps when she warms a little. In the meantime, what a delightful acquaintanceship we’re making with the Lightning.

Ah, wait. Now there’s the zinging lime people talk about, and what a nice thing it is. And after a day open and in the fridge, the pear and green apple is definitely there. Thank you screw tops.

$9.99. Well worth it.