Gumdale Shiraz

Compared to the Mallee Point this stuff is gold.

This is a cheap shiraz from *somewhere* in South Eastern Oz, which means it’s a lot o’ junk fruit from the Riverina. Still, they’ve managed to create something that’s at least drinkable here; soft, fruity, cough-syrupy and it doesn’t make me sneeze. Ahem.

As others note, it’s a one-dimensional drink. Think of a boxer with a one-note punch that’s well telegraphed. Everyone inside and outside the ring knows what’s coming, so who’d pay to watch? Some, obviously, but mostly friends and family and those who don’t know better.

Take fruit, ferment it, add oak(!) and bottle. Low quality fruit, low acids and low tannins don’t give it much of a foundation to build upon, but you know what you’re getting. This is not a house that can withstand a tornado – nor a boxer who will win many bouts – but neither are you paying for one.

Fair value at $8.49