Michel Gassier Syrah Les Piliers 2013

The back of the bottle says:

This wine is seductive, brooding and elegantly aromatic. Chock full of violet, red fruits and bacon, it’s herb palate marries a wide range of food, from barbeque to spicy international fare. Delicious and hard to put down.

Call me callous, but that wasn’t written by a Frenchman. I smell the hand of a marketing genius at work here, because only a douche with an expense account would use the phrase spicy international fare. Just what kind of non-English is that?

Decanting this bottle came with a lungful of something that smelt pretty darn good. Dark and aromatic…wait, maybe that advertising goose was right.

Here’s a well-made young Rhone-influenced syrah. Opaque and dark, with an engaging nose, this is a tempting wine. From an initial wet cedar campfire, she opened into dark cherry skins and cedar with some cocoa undertones. No intimidating complexity, however, simply delicious and interesting engagement.

That all followed onto the palate, with syrah dryness, medium plus body and acidity that came and went in like a well choreographed stage show. Tannins were pretty soft I thought, and the smoky vanilla gave away some toasty oak treatment.

$14.99 and completely worth it.