Oak Grove Viognier Reserve 2015

Big body, big heart, big huggy finish.

With an inviting nose, we find ourselves in the embrace of this gentle, low-acid wine from California. Less cut down than the Sobon Estate, I’d venture that the fruit used in this one was more ripe, the handling less about emulating the old world and settling into a more plump American style.

We keep the distinctive oily and big-bodied structure of classic viogniers, with the apricot stone and steel architecture and add white peach fuzz, some under-ripe nectarine and that whisper of dried petals; the high-meadow potpourri.

Next day, just as good. There’s something comforting about this wine, and I think it’s the lack of acid. That makes it less juicy, so there’s less going on in your mouth, despite the big body.

A wonder at $8.99.