Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc 2015

The 2014 version of this wine received some kind of decent rating from some magazine or another. Whatever. I’m trying to get myself to “enthusiast” status for Californian sauvignon blanc on Vivino, so it was a natural choice.

And a good one it was. Here’s the thing about a pomelo: basically it’s a sweeter grapefruit.

Yes! That’s exactly right. Unlike the big, punchintheface Kiwi sauvignon blancs, this is a wine where all that is turned down; muted but still there. In addition I found flavors of ripe-to-tart pineapple, gooseberry and a tiny hint of apricot. All that made the wine feel sweeter and less acidic than a classic example of the breed, but that didn’t detract from its appeal.

Whereas a white Bordeaux is great with the right food, and a Kiwi can be likewise, the Pomelo would be fabulous on its own. An aperitif in other words, a wine that would work in all situations.

If I were to play this game, I’d say that it might even be a link to a dry riesling, which makes for interesting thinking. Anyway. Delicious.