Porta Reserva Chardonnay 2015

Falling for Chilean wines is easy. They’re inexpensive, drinkable, technically competent and at least give a nod to sustainable viticulture and production.

This 2015 Porta Reserva chardonnay is a good example of just how much value a bottle of wine can contain. Her nose is tempting and approachable, fruit-driven but restrained. Nice malolactic notes are there, along with some ripe summer fruit. Along the line I found – on the palate – a hint of salted nuts or an earthy undertone of something on which I couldn’t quite put my finger.

Oak and charming acids make up the finish, with a little vanilla to keep you guessing as to what the winemaker was thinking.

After a day at the beach there’s a point at which you realize you’ve had a good time. It happens after you’ve had a shower and washed off the salt, as you feel the glow of sun on your skin and you know you’re tired but looking forward to a good meal with a glass of wine. This wine manages (like a lot of its country’s brethren) to capture that point of happiness and satisfaction combined.

$9.49. Outstanding value.