Sobon Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Not all children are born to be brilliant. Someone has to be below average for average to mean anything, which raises the question about whether “average” has any use in wine criticism. Probably not…or only as a shaded criticism.

This 2015 sauvignon blanc might be considered a solid C-student. There’s nothing technically awful about it, but neither could I find much with which to work. Just like a journeyman college student submits most of her assignments on time, attends most tutorials and submits to electives, so all the boxes are checked here.

Grapefruit and passionfruit nose, check. Further refinement towards passionfruit skin, nectarine stone and lemon zest, check. Acids and clean finish, check. The annoying thing is that there’s nothing outstanding, no hook on which to hang one’s scarf.

With food she was at home, which is probably the point. Just as the straight C-student won’t be elevated to the C-Suite immediately, this wine is right at home complementing fish, rice and mild Asian-style dishes. In other words, light to medium-bodied proteins match the muted flavors in the wine.

It’s fine. The mouthfeel is slightly bigger than medium, and the finish is crisp enough without being what we might call bright.

It’s okay, especially with food. $11.49.