Spier Chenin Blanc 2016

Oh, well now, here’s a wine to make you sit up.

Chenin blanc, another French grape exported elsewhere in the galaxy and shaped into something new and delicious. Bless those adventurers from centuries past for taking the risk to move about the place and taking grape vines with them.

Really inviting nose here, pungent, almost. Lemon juice, tangerine zest, minerals, passionfruit meat, there’s a lot going on, all of it wanting to take you further. Fresh cut pineapple and honeycomb are there too.

She’s a dry number, and relatively high in acid, making for a juicy mouthful. There’s oak there, vanilla and continuation of the tangerine and minerally passionfruit theme. Fresh pineapple finds its way in there too.

The impression of sweetness comes from the acidity, in my opinion, not directly from sugar: this is not a sweet wine, but it’s a sweet experience at a delicious price.