Bridgman Syrah 2012

People think about Washington state wines in the wrong way. They imagine grapes grown alongside Puget Sound, or on the slopes of Mt Rainier.

In the rainshadow of the Cascades, people, that’s where grapes grow. They like to keep their feet dry, and like only as much water as life requires. The other side of the mountains, apart from having all the people has all the water, too.

But there is a distinct set of environments in all of the sub-regions of WA, which makes for interesting wines. This Bridgman Syrah (notably using the French vernacular) is clearly made in the style of the home country. It’s almost fruitless – obviously hyperbolic, but you get my drift – and relatively dry, which is an interesting combination. I see the word textured used a bit, and this is just so.

Cola, smoke, bushfire, tart cough syrup, cooking spices, and something I can’t quite nail down are all here, in the nose at least. They yield to a nice acid attack, with some ginger root, cardomom and intriguing mouth feel.

This wine made me wonder a bit, about what the winemaker had in mind. The fact that he or she created something nuanced and mysterious is sufficient. More than than we cannot ask.