Dominican Oaks Unoaked Chardonnay 2016

Thank goodness! After a couple of oaked chardonnays, a crisp, clean bottle of wine.

I’m quizzical about people’s taste in this area. Is it preferable to drink the same thing all the time, viz: wooded, vanilla, manipulated, fat chardonnay? Sure, there are some fabulous iterations of that theme, but the highlight of wine to me is variation and the questions each glass raises.

But that’s me. A lot of people like the comfort of met expectation. It’s the McDonaldsization of wine, wherein consumers get precisely the same product every “experience” no matter where you are, the time of day or, in our case, the vintage.

Which is why this wine makes me so happy. We talk and read a lot about refreshing wines, but this really is such a thing. Clearly made from ripe fruit, well treated, this is a clean glass that creates just the right amount of spark.

Tree fruits, green apple flesh, acacia, lemon zest, fruit compote on the nose lead seamlessly to lemon juice, citrus pith, just-ripe summer fruit and a touch of mineral tartness on the palate. Short, well managed finish of fruit (sugar) and acid.

What more anyone could want from the idea of a stainless chardonnay at the price I don’t know. Very good.