HXM Inspiration Riesling

And here we have a wine in a bedazzled bottle. What can this tell us about the contents? One wonders who imagines and then implements such things; who exactly do they think the consumers are?

Interestingly, this smells much like the Vouvray from recent history. That coleslaw dressing aroma is unmistakable. Sheep’s milk, cream, the acid of the cabbage; it’s really distinctive.

And yet here we end up in the satisfying riesling world of fruit, juice, grape and alcohol, which is an altogether happy place to be.

So just what is that nose? Mustiness is one part of it. Earthiness is another. Perhaps what’s happening here is the interplay between the fruit and the minerals in the soil…through which the medium is livestock. it’s not unpleasant in the least, merely…agricultural.

The riesling might be the last vestige of grape in a bottle. Here we have that delicious sweet and acid combo, plus that pool-toy new tennis-ball combo AND hints of sultanas, raisins, dried grapes, candied fruits and sulfur. Fruit, in short, in a bottle. And here here we are at the…what is this? what pricepoint?