River Road Chardonnay 2015

It’s not so much in the middle of the road as travelling down the Interstate in the slow lane at medium pace.

Maybe I’m working too hard to keep this wine in the game, but I really don’t need to. There’s no malo in evidence, lots of interesting fruit and the lightest of light touches with whatever oak the winemaker decided to use.

Clearly there’s a mix of fruit used, because the notes cover the range between Granny Smith Apple juice and lemon juice. I think that’s what I’m hunting for, the idea that we’re covering all the taste bases here without really making any one outstanding.

Resolutely the best wine to be made with this fruit and at this cost in California. There, that’s praise without judgement, another metaphor for California. But like everything in California, one has the suspicion that we’ve been overcharged, and that we didn’t ever quite get value for money.