Chateau Bois Redon Bordeaux Superior 2014

Back to Bordeaux, s’il vous plait. Here’s a merlot biased blend, a right bank blend, a blend for not much money, a blend that’s easy to dismiss. Let’s not be so hasty.

Dark fruits plus some cherry start us off. Cherry? Inviting hot fruit nose, but not overwhelming. That might be the theme of the bottle; under the radar. After some oxygen, I found some mild (mild) pepper. and then some sweet tobacco…the cabernet sauvignon revealing itself.

Initially with a light mouthfeel, things changed after a little time. At first, we had  lean fruits and just the right amount of  acids and tannins. That last part didn’t change, but the dryness revealed itself as well as a nice balance of tannin and minor minerality. For a simple wine, we’re finding quite a lot of interest.

But the really interesting thing is that it’s not that complex. Somehow the grape and winemaking nexus has worked without much input to produce something very enjoyable.