Chateau Vieux Grean Bordeaux 2013

We need not fly across oceans to find a slice of France, nor must we spend a lot of money.

Here’s a case in point. As a 90/10 merlot/cabernet blend, here’s a distinctly Old World glass of wine that not only gives us an interesting drink but insight into the culture.

First noticeable difference is the low-key fruit in my glass. Compared to the new world, the fruit is muted; still there, but not punching you in the face. The second difference is the pieces of the planet in the glass. I tasted earthy metal, low-key minerals and graphite, all of which point to the feeling that this wine is made from ground-level up to be drunk with food.

No secret there. Knowing this is valuable in the way we think about a (frankly) cheap right bank Bordeaux, which we know isn’t the pride of France, but neither is it the shame.