Coastline Chardonnay Central Coast 2014

Medium body plus, straw gold, vanilla nose.

I didn’t notice apple aromas, but there sure was a lot of vanilla and oak there, vying with, and winning over, any fruit hints. Try as I might, I looked cold, I looked warm, but I couldn’t find the apples and melon the notes talked about. Apple is a variable feast, if you’ll excuse the shattered metaphor, but nothing here was clearly reminiscent of anything reminding me of anything apple-ish.

Butter. Oak. Vanilla. Smooth on the palate, low acid, round finish.

I dunno, these butter-chasing wines are immensely tiring. They’re all trying to find the ideal butter and sugar balance that appeals to people whose diet consists largely of dairy, sugar and protein. There’s no challenge, no interesting facets, not even a hint of a sharp edge to these things.

I can’t imagine drinking this stuff week after week, each glass making one’s palate more and more dull, weighed down with the sheer mass of “flavour”.