Gordon Estate Merlot 2014

Hot baked dark fruit pie with spice and a side of coffee. Wait, we’re talking about wine here, right?

Yes we are. Like the sunny rolling hills of Washington east of the Cascades, here’s a wine of gentle aspect and subtle complexity. Apart from the fruitier aspect of the nose, there’s a green herby thread here (dill, perhaps?) and a clear stratum of coffee and cocoa. That seems only right given the PNW’s predilection for caffeine.

There’s not as much depth on the palate as one might anticipate from the nose, but that’s fine, given the creamy smooth mouthfeel. Ever so delicately I noted some chalk, mild tannins and beautifully integrated oak with a hint of sour cherry on the finish.

Two words: civilized and refined. Oh, and delicious. Kill me, that’s three words.